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Inn at 500

The Inn at 500: Market Launch


Obie Development Partners LLC is the newest out-of-state development group to see the potential of downtown Boise. What has set the group apart is its strong attention to the details of a project and its proven track record of community engagement, thoughtful development and unique offerings at its Eugene properties: the Inn at the 5 th and 5 th Street Public Market.

Obie sought an experienced and well-connected partner to help with its public entrance into the Boise market — a partner that understood the nuances of the media market and the community influencers who would drive public opinion. Red Sky was that partner.


With an entrepreneurial spirit, the Obie Development team needed to move quickly on the project to raise funds and get through city approvals. Red Sky took  collaborative approach to crafting messaging that could evolve as the situation developed. Account team members Amanda Watson and Jessica Flynn provided counsel on communication outreach, partner engagement and media interviews.

Having a strong understanding of Obie’s existing properties, and their unique aspects, was key in messaging the specialness of the new development project. Red Sky ensured community partners and area influencers — not just media — were aware of the story once the Inn at 500 Capitol was brought to life.

Messaging and Media Kit Creation

To effectively showcase the new development, Red Sky crafted the formal Inn at 500 Capitol media kit currently used for all media outreach and inquiries regarding the project. Utilizing official renderings of both the proposed exterior and interior, the media kit details the design amenities as it relates to its future surroundings and sets the stage for the very special amenities that will differentiate the hotel from all other offerings. The media kit’s messaging has since been incorporated into the formal project materials.

Media Outreach

The plan for media outreach was slightly disrupted when a journalist uncovered the story through public records. The Red Sky team moved quickly to ensure strong coverage of the entire story — not just the filing — and provided eager media representatives with stats, quotes, amenities, interviews and visuals to tell a more complete story of the special nature of the Inn at 500 Capitol. The team
also worked alongside Obie during design review meetings to update media on the approval process.

Official Introduction

The official announcement of the Inn at 500 Capitol was made at an unveiling event held at Boise’s Arid Club. Leveraging relationships with local business leaders and area influencers, Red Sky assisted in the creation of the event guest list and made introductions to the Obie team. Following the event, Red Sky ensured that key partners received the media kit and news releases to keep their
stakeholders abreast of the project.


As a result of Red Sky’s counsel, the Obie team was introduced to, and made connections with, the following key Boise organizations:

  • Downtown Boise Association
  • Boise Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
  • Boise Valley Economic Partnership
  • City of Boise Arts & History Department
  • Idaho Tourism

Coverage of the initial Inn at 500 Capitol announcement, and subsequent design review
approval, has appeared in all major media outlets in the market, including:

  • KTVB
  • KIVI
  • Idaho Statesman
  • Idaho Business Review
  • Boise NPR Affiliate
  • Boise Weekly

In addition, the Inn at 500 Capitol is now mentioned in the conversation anytime the growth of
downtown Boise and hotel developments are discussed. Most recently, the project was
highlighted at the State of Downtown Boise event in front of a crowd of 500+ Boise business
leaders and influencers.

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