Case Study

City of Fruitland

City of Fruitland Wastewater Bond

The City of Fruitland was faced with the threat of fines from the Environmental Protection
Agency and, possibly, a moratorium on the use of their wastewater treatment facility because
of aging infrastructure. To redevelop the city’s wastewater treatment plant, city leaders and
engineers determined they needed to ask residents and businesses to pass a bond on the
November 2011 ballot. Red Sky was retained by the city’s engineering firm to conduct a public
education campaign. Since the city can’t tell people how to vote (electioneering), the campaign
centered on communicating the condition of the current wastewater treatment facility and the
impact on the future of the community should nothing be done to make improvements. The
bond won passage by 50 votes and is considered a success among local government experts
throughout the state.

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