Passion & Discourse Beyond the Legislative Session

written by

Red Sky Team

January 21, 2016

As we head into another legislative session, issues near and dear to our hearts (and the future of our state) take center stage. But when the session ends, how do you keep the conversation going? How do you keep the right people informed and engaged to keep the momentum needed to inspire change? Without a legislative session, and media coverage of the leading issues, how do you keep these issues at the forefront?

These were the challenges the Rural Opportunities Consortium of Idaho (ROCI) faced as its leading researchers sought to expose the unique needs of rural students, educators and school districts to a diverse audience spread across the state. Our latest case study, ROCI: Rural Education Issues Awareness & Outreach, captures the approach, tactics, and results used to ensure the dialogue about education issues continues.

If you are facing similar challenges in reaching a diverse audience, read the case study to learn the following:

  • Why defining the audience by specific topics matters
  • What role the channel plays in promoting engagement
  • The best tactics for broad outreach versus targeted
  • How to balance in-person dialogue versus broader communication platforms

Several takeaways are also captured at the conclusion of the case study. Interested in learning more? View the case study here.

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