An Insider’s Experience: Executive Speaker Training

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Red Sky Team

January 11, 2019

I woke that morning knowing I had an entire day dedicated to one of the nation’s greatest fears ahead of me. Frankly, I was not excited. But by the end of the day it was perfectly clear to me that the skills and tools we had practiced were not limited to standing on stage in front of an audience. Being able to effectively communicate is a part of everyday life. It’s the sales call you finished up this afternoon. The client re-cap in your next staff meeting. A one-on-one with your supervisor. From interns to CEOs, communication is key.

By working to become a better communicator I have built a tremendous amount of confidence. I recognize my ability to bolster the reputation of my company and create a powerful connection with my clients and coworkers through discourse. I am keenly aware that communication is important and like most things in life, it takes continuous practice. Red Sky’s Executive Speaker Training is designed to take the fear and stress out of speaking by providing tools, resources and fundamentals that are applicable for everyone.

What to Expect

Going into the conference room that morning I had no idea what I was in for. I knew that I would be doing what I didn’t want to do: speaking in front of a group of people struggling to look composed while my heart beats out of my chest. As soon as we finished our first exercise my feelings had made a complete 360. Here is what to expect the day of Executive Speaker Training:

You’re going to be in the spotlight

Spoiler alert! You’re going to have to do some public speaking. The good news? Everyone is probably dreading this part just as much as you are. This workshop is a learning experience. You are learning from your peers as they are learning from you, so take it all in and remember that mistakes are a chance to improve! The more you practice being the speaker in a room, the more comfortable you will feel.

You’re going to talk about yourself

No one knows your story better than you. From selling yourself to a potential employer to closing a deal with a client, sharing who you are, what you do and why you do it with confidence and purpose is essential.

You’re going to be pushed beyond your comfort zone

The majority of people do not feel comfortable speaking in front of others or about themselves. This workshop is designed to make you feel more comfortable through practice in a seemingly uncomfortable situation. It is very much an interactive training, which seems scary but it truly helps nerves to calm throughout the day.

How to prepare

While going into this workshop with a fresh, open mind is necessary; it is also helpful to do some self-reflection in the preceding days. You will be given various scenarios throughout the day to emphasize elements of the training. In other words, you will be speaking in regards to common situations we are faced with such as an elevator pitch. It is beneficial to take time to think about yourself and your goals as a communicator in order to get the most from your training.

Think about your role in your company 

Identify what your role in your company is and how you would communicate that role to an outsider. This will help you to speak confidentially about your company and the work that you do.

Identify why you would like to be a better communicator 

Do you have a presentation coming up? Are you giving a speech at an upcoming wedding? Perhaps you would like to work up the nerve to give a public speech. No matter what your reasoning, learning the elements of public speaking will be helpful in numerous ways, both professionally and personally, throughout your life.


As hard as it may seem, try to go into Speaker Training with an open mind, fresh perspective and relaxed nerves. This is a time to tackle those topics that may be hard to talk about or nailing your elevator pitch with experts ready and willing to help. It is an opportunity to learn and grow as a person.

I left that day feeling exhausted, empowered and enriched. Surprised at how painless the day had been, I felt surprisingly energized and confident in the potential of my abilities. Learning is a part of life that never falters. Communication is a principal part of lifelong learning and every opportunity to exercise your skills is beneficial. Above all else, remember that this is a learning workshop that is truly less than dreadful. It is a day dedicated to becoming a powerful influence in your company, community and conference room.


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