Case Study

State of Idaho Controller’s Office

Helping to Modernize State Government


The State of Idaho Controller’s Office (SCO) is responsible for accounting and payroll services for all state agencies as well as operating the Computer Services Center. State Controller Brandon Woolf and his team are committed to ensuring that every tax dollar is spent in accordance with law while reducing inefficiencies through transparent reporting and streamlined processes. In their preparation to develop a new website providing key information and resources to state employees and citizens, SCO recognized the opportunity to modernize their brand identity. Brand modernization was an opportunity to demonstrate their accessible, forward-thinking approach to serving constituents. The new logo would lay the creative foundation for their new website and other communication initiatives. SCO sought an experienced partner with the ability to guide them through rebranding as well as other communication needs, including naming, messaging, and website user-experience design. SCO found an ideal match in Red Sky.



Eager to better understand SCO’s brand platform and value proposition, along with its perception among their various audiences, we conducted a brand audit. Within this audit, we researched controller’s offices in other states to identify examples of leading government agencies with similar aspirations and to narrow in on color palettes and iconography. For SCO, it was imperative the new logo be modern and approachable but also professional and representative of the office’s functionary role in Idaho’s government.


Thrilled with a more modern, engaging brand identity that accurately reflects their office and their commitment to constituents, SCO reports their new look has been well-received by stakeholders, partners and citizens. The office is excited to feature their new brand on their forthcoming website, which is currently in development.

“Red Sky exceeded every expectation and provided unsurpassed quality in our branding efforts. The professionalism, attention to detail, and genuine interest in the success of our communication efforts that each member of the Red Sky team brought to every step of our project has made them invaluable. Working with this dynamic team was integral to the success of our branding project now and into the future.”

Joshua Whitworth

Chief Deputy Controller (State of Idaho Controller’s Office)

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