Case Study

Inovus Solar – Communication Infrastructure

Elevating the Communications of a Solar Startup

Inovus Solar developed durable, off-grid solar-powered products that spanned lighting, remote monitoring, security and a variety of other applications. Following substantive change among its leadership team and efforts to refocus its business strategy, Inovus Solar wanted to tell its refreshed story more effectively to prospective customers, investors and business partners. Red Sky was tapped to help develop an overarching communication strategy to support sales and broader awareness efforts.


As a startup, Inovus needed some communication and content infrastructure to better target its primary sales verticals of military, municipalities and tribal locations. Red Sky started this process by conducting a strategic session with key leaders at Inovus to inquire and understand its success to date, current gaps, priority audiences and upcoming opportunities. We then developed a communication strategy, with recommended tactics along with target audience personas and messaging for each. Red Sky then served as an extension of their Marketing team to launch or further develop social, email marketing and other communication channels. We also concepted, interviewed, developed and published case studies for each vertical identified as cornerstone content for outreach efforts.


  • Developed communication infrastructure – spanning messaging to personas to strategy – that enabled Inovus to expand awareness and sales opportunities
  • Expanded awareness through existing social channels with more consistent and coordinate content, applying best practices and editorial calendars
  • Created case studies and supporting content campaigns across Inovus channels
  • Secured media coverage highlighting Inovus as an early adopter of VR tech to empower installers

About Red Sky

Red Sky is a strategic partner skilled in illuminating the key audiences and most effective channels for sharing your story. We align communication strategy with your business goals.