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Digital Divide Whitepaper


As an Idaho-based healthcare technology startup, Inofile relied on driving awareness through its key healthcare partners or vendors directly supporting the industry. While partner alignment with Kodak and Konica-Minolta helped drive name recognition, key aspects of the Inofile story and its direct relevance to long-term and post-acute care providers were getting lost.


Working collaboratively with Inofile’s marketing leadership, Red Sky developed the concept and framework of a whitepaper detailing “Healthcare’s Digital Divide” between evolving technology and healthcare organizations with access to federal electronic medical record incentives and those without. The document featured insights and stories from Inofile advisors and healthcare leaders spotlighting how Inofile’s technology helps bridge this gap It also positioned the company as an expert and introduced the concept of clinical document exchange, a term created by Inofile to specifically describe its key focus. The whitepaper was shared with select media targets in advance of mass promotion via social channels and word-of-mouth sharing within industry networks of influencers and partners.


“Healthcare’s Digital Divide” has been positively received by all of its direct and indirect audiences, prompting hundreds of downloads and inspiring a key partner to request permission for branding the whitepaper as their own. The thought leadership piece also garnered industry-specific coverage within a healthcare technology vertical tied to a number of pivotal sister publications, which echoed several of the document’s key messages.

The Inofile white paper “Digital Divide” earned first place at the Idaho Press Club 2015 Awards for special purpose publication.

“I truly appreciate the thoughtful approach Red Sky provided and the quality behind everything they produced. They are always a text or a phone call away and always so responsive and supportive. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Red Sky and the talented team there.”

Mike Dane

formerly CMO, Inofile

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