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EMA: Branding a Regional Approach to Critical Energy Transitions

EMA: Branding a Regional Approach to Critical Energy Transitions


In 2020, the Idaho National Lab formed a strategic alliance to help accelerate transitions to a clean energy future, using its collective expertise to empower equitable and values-based decisions specific to a community or region. The partnership, known as the Emerging Energy Markets Analysis (EMA), is composed of a multidisciplinary group of experts from academia and national laboratories. They collaborate to help stakeholders and decision-makers understand the trade-offs and underlying values associated with future energy choices so they can make informed decisions for the communities or regions they serve.


As the global community faces one of the most daunting challenges in history with the need to transition to more secure, sustainable, and equitable energy infrastructures, it is imperative to explain what EMA is and its value to a variety of stakeholders.


Red Sky conducted interviews with EMA partners and gathered insights to inform recommendations involving messaging and brand. The goal was to emulate the collaborative nature of the partnership, while making it approachable and understandable. Red Sky then led a branding session, which was used to develop a new brand platform and identity. These elements were leveraged to develop an integrated brand launch campaign for educating external audiences. This also helped inform early communication materials and messaging.


In collaboration with partners, Red Sky helped develop the following assets for EMA:
  • Logo, tagline, and brand guide
  • Audience-specific messaging matrix and value proposition
  • Interactive presentations for key audiences
  • Infographics
  • Website content
  • Partner videos (a few are below and also available at the INL YouTube channel)

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